Conquest Video Emails Drive Dealership Traffic

You know by now  that emailing to your customer base is one of the best ROI activities you can put into your monthly marketing plan.  You also know how to buy targeted lists for conquest direct mail.  But are you aware that you can now buy filtered email lists?

It’s true GM’s and Dealers are  learning that you can now filter email lists in your market with the same filters used in direct mail.  The filters are endless eg. brand of cars,  age, income or credit scores.   So if you’re a Ford dealer and you’re wanting to drive some traffic to your dealership you don’t have to just look at direct mail for conquest opportunities.

 In fact, if you run the numbers, the cost comparison is a little scary.  Lets say you want a simple list of  Ford owners in your market area.  You have a  budget  of $3800 for your direct mail piece.  Your creative piece costs let say 76 cents a piece mailed first class.  For this price you’ll get around 5000 pieces.

For the same $3800 you maybe shocked with  how much you get with  video email.  First, you’ll get a list of Ford Owners.  Second, you’ll get 20,000 emails mailed out twice.  Thats a total of 40,000 emails sent to Ford Owners in your market area.

Next, you’ll get a custom email piece with a custom landing page for the offer.  When your prospect hits the landing page you’ll  have a variety of short videos selling your offers and your dealership.

 This intrusive use of video is a strong dealership traffic builder.  You put the use of audio and video into the equation.  These two powerful tools will influence one’s behavior at a greater rate than standard text.

The fun you can have with your message is up to you and your creativity.  So as you plan events in the coming months consider using conquest email marketing.  The numbers are in your favor.



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