Frequency Drives Dealership Traffic Not Reach

One of the early lessons you learn in the world of Automotive Marketing is that frequency drives dealership traffic not reach.   Frequency is the number of times a given individual sees your ad.  Frequency is what drives home your offer to the consumer.  Most research agrees that an active prospect needs to see your ad 3 to 4 times for it to connect.  

So it only makes sense that while you need to reach your prospects, if you don’t have frequency it doesn’t matter.  So don’t fall into the reach trap.

 Your job as an advertising manager for your dealership should be to get the most reach with the proper amount of frequency.  But the one un-negotiable  is frequency.  

 I would always choose to talk to 10 people 10 times rather than 100 peeople once.  Try this the next time you’re at a party if you don’t believe me.  Spend time with 10 people and when the party is over those 10 people will know your name when you leave.  If you had spent your time going around and  introducing yourself to every one in the party, you’ll find very few people remember your name.

So it is not about how many people you can stand up and yell at!  

It is all about finding the right mix of cost and frequency.  You can never go wrong with frequency as long as it is targeted at your best prospects and it meets your budget constraints.

One of the reasons I am such a big believer in Lifestyle  Media Buying is that it makes sure you get your message in front of the right audience. 

So look for the unique opportunities that can offer you controlled frequency and reach.  A cheap spot that doesn’t connect  with your prospect is actually very expensive.  More money is wasted by dealers in America who think a cheap spot or buy is a good deal.  Dealers can be their worst enemy.  The desire for a deal often leads to a bad deal.



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