How Social Media Impacts Advertising and Marketing for your Dealership

Social media provides such a great platform for collaboration.  I’ve gained a lot of insight by listening and by engaging in online conversations particularly through my blog and Twitter.  I love that it is still evolving and we are figuring it out.  I’m appreciative to the early social media adopters and for their continued influence within this new space.  My interest in social media is from a communications, marketing and a customer retention perspective.  The potential of social media is limitless.

Social media is having a direct impact on advertising and marketing.

Broadcast, outdoor, print, direct mail and radio are not going to go away.  If you don’t believe me, along with people like Seth Godin, you should also be reading Bob Hoffman’s blog, The Ad Contrarian.

However advertising already is and will continue to be greatly influenced by social media.

This is one of the primary benefits to social media.  It is not what a brand means to the company or what your dealership’s brand means to you, it’s what it means to the consumer, to your prospective customer.  Perhaps the reason so many dealerships have difficulty with their own branding is that they live in a silo.  When you live in a silo you usually don’t know how to listen to your customers.  This is where social media can step in.

Social media is time intensive but it is affordable and allows us to learn so much from our audiences. Social allows us to tap into the minds of our audiences unlike anything I have ever seen before.

Social media provides dealerships with affordable research on an even grander scale than we’ve ever been able to conduct in the past and it is almost instant feedback.  It is affordable, timely and easier to measure than traditional  media.

This is why I believe social media will be the hub to all of our advertising/marketing.  From broadcast to direct.  We can engage our audience and know what messages are appealing, what resonates.  We can do it quickly and that info will provide the epiphanies  and “ah-ha” moments when we know we have that valuable nugget for a successful campaign.

It is one of the best tools I have ever used in helping dealerships with their own branding.

It compels us to do business the way we should have been doing it all along.  It forces us to lead with benefits and to create an appealing brand from our clients perspective.  To be successful with social each dealership will have to narrow it’s focus, declare who they are and how they are different.

I don’t claim to be a social media expert.  But, I have immersed myself into it in a big way and have been professionally enriched beyond my initial comprehension.  From a new business perspective for automotive dealerships social media is the greatest tool you will ever use. I hope you’ll get on board and find out for yourself.  I am always here to help you along the way.

Let me know what you think.



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