One on One Conversation Drives Dealership Traffic

Ok, let’s get back to the basics!    If there’s one mistake dealers make it’s the big audience syndrome.  What’s the big audience syndrome?  It’s the simple concept when talking to a large audience you stop talking to the individuals.  More money is wasted by agencies and dealers talking to a group instead of talking to a single person.

Here’s the deal!   To really have your message resonate with a consumer they need to feel  you’re talking to them.  That one individual needs to believe  you’re the answer to their wants and needs.  

Your message must maintain a one to one  perspective.  

When you’re message has the feel of a large audience communication you’re headed down a dangerous path.  The only path that is worse is when you start talking about yourself. But we’ll tackle that topic another day. 

Large audience syndrome ads  sound like a listing of facts and features.  There is no connection to the  benefits. Benefits are what moves customers.  When you don’t tell one person in the audience why your message is going to make their  life more fulfilling, more fun, less stressful or just generally better, you’re wasting time and money. 

When you write your next ad see if it passes the One To One Test.

1) Have you identified my need?

2) Do you have a unique solution?

3) How is it going to BENEFIT me?

4) Did you ask me to come buy?

Imagine delivering your message to one person  across the desk from you.  Would it motivate them to buy or not.  If not re-write.  

Selling is one to one.  One to one requires a personal sales message.  A form letter is not personal.  A hand written note is personal.  I know you can’t  write a personal note to all of your customers but do you get the picture?  Make your next message a one to one message.  What will actually happen is you’ll connect with that large audience.



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