Be The First To Drive Dealership Traffic With Social Media

How would you like to have been the first one to discover oil?  Ok, let me get a little closer to home.

How would you like to have been the first and only dealer to use television?  Or, how would you like to be the only dealer who knows how to use direct mail?  Imagine if you were the only dealer who really knew how to hold a big sales event.

Well, you know that’s not possible.  But, can you imagine the competitive advantage you would have if you had the power to be the one and only dealer on Television.

Stand up because you have the chance to be  first.  The first dealer to really know how to use and execute social media.  The first dealer to give themselves a competitive advantage through social media.

You can be first and other dealers will find it hard to follow you for several reasons.   First, they don’t have the expertise or the resources to implement it themselves.  Lets face it, you can find a direct mail company on every corner but there aren’t many people who really understand social media.

You have an opportunity to dominate the fastest growing media platform the world has ever seen. The fact that you’re reading this blog means you probably get it.  Now you just need to learn how  to do it.  The key is to understand the ROI of social media.  You can’t look at it like traditional media.  The financial reward takes an extra step.

ROI Flow Chart





Financial Impact

Social Media will require a non-financial step to take place before the payoff  of the financial impact.

The  non-financial impact will be the biggest difference maker you have.  The impact this stage will have on your customer and your community is difficult to predict but I can tell you this,  your cost per car will drop significantly.

Social Media is relationship building on steroids! Be the first you’ll be glad you were.



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