iPhone App For Automotive Dealerships

I just read this post by Pete Cashmore and couldn’t help but see a relationship to you and your customers.  Right now automotive ad agencies and car dealerships are trying to figure out how to capitalize on the iPhone  buzz.  The question is ringing through showrooms and service departments all across this country.  What about iPhone apps?  

See if this post gives you any ideas!

  Mashable Mobile Site Launches!     by Pete Cashmore

For those of you viewing Mashable stories on the iPhone, Droid, Palm Pre and a host of other phones, we’re pleased to announce that Mashable’s new mobile site went live today.

With a growing number of Mashable readers visiting from the iPhone – by far the most popular device among our readers – we’ve focused on making Mashable load fast and look great on iPhone screens.  But, we’ve also supported as many smartphones as possible while there’s a WAP-based theme for WAP browsers.

All this works automagically: just visit Mashable stories on your phone and we’ll serve up the best version for you. One caveat: we’re still working on the best solution for those using the BlackBerry, and we’ll roll out support for you guys as soon as we can.  If you’re still seeing the old site on your handset, meanwhile, let us know and we’ll aim to add support if possible.

Special thanks to our friends at nclud for their development time on this project!

OK,   here’s your take away.  The iPhone app for the dealership has to be about making it easy for them to connect with your blog.  Remember your blog is the key to social media.  It is the repository of relevant information for anyone who drives a car.  When on the road or at home the PDA needs to eventually be the quickest way to you and the information they want.



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