Why doesn’t cable television drive dealership traffic?

Cable Television has been a mystery for most auto dealers.  They really believe it should drive dealership traffic but most never see positive results and conclude that the audience dynamics of cable  are not condusive to a short term strategy.

This is where perception and reality don’t match up.   It’s not that the cable audience is elusive, it’s that most dealer’s cable buys are 75% off target.  How can this be?  It’s simple, the networks being chosen and bought are for the wrong reasons.  So the perception is cable doesn’t work but the reality is the tool is being used improperly.

The spreadsheet above shows a typical buy based on traditional influences and one based entirely on lifestyle media.  You can quickly see that Advantage Media (lifestyle buying) is the way to go when wanting to drive traffic to your dealership.  If you continue to use a screw driver to hammer a nail you’re going to get frustrated.  Cable is a great media if you can put your message in front of your buyers with frequency.

Your customers have a unique lifestyle pattern.  Demographics simply don’t allow you to target your customers and people who look like them.  Lifestyle buying is based on the simple truth that birds of a feather flock together.  Talk to your birds with frequency and the hunt will be much more rewarding.



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