Technorati: Important Tool To Drive Social Dealership Traffic

One thing for sure, social media is thriving because people want to interact with people.  Consumers want to share opinions and experiences.   Technorati will help you connect with people searching your content.

What isTechnorati? ……..Technorati is a search engine for blogs.  

As your blogs are written and published  your key phrases need to tagged to the content of your blog.  As people search opinions on a given subject your blog has the opportunity to be discovered if  you have tagged it properly.  

It is important to remember when writing  your blogs or if your automotive ad agency is drafting your blog be sure key words are included in your content. If it appears in  your content then it can appear as a tag.

To give you an idea here are the most popular tags for the letters A-C for the last month on Technorati.  You can see the rest of the popular tags used on


apple android amazon american league advertising australia aol adobe allen iverson arsenal africa al qaeda aids adam wainwright afghanistan army avatar andre iguodala


blogging business berlin barack obama browsers brian kelly blogging during crises brendan haywood bing baseball baltimore ravens barnes noble blogging and the bottom line bad ideas blake gopnik


celebrity christmas crunchpad cnn china charlie weis california carrie prejean cloud computing canada cyberbullying cricket children cleveland browns copenhagen charlize theron car crash chrome cincinnati crime college curtis granderson career search career search advice corporate blogging conspiracies cloud hosting

Technorati is another great tool for the automotive social media space.  What do you think are the best tag words for an automotive dealership?  Let me know I am compiling a list to share at a later date.



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