Re-Target Website Visitors For More Dealership Traffic

The biggest question I have for you is why don’t you re-target?  I hope it’s because you’re not aware of it. Re-targeting simply means following people around the web that have been to your website with an online ad for your dealership.

You have two types of visitors to your website.  Those that are going to buy from you and those that choose to buy from someone else.  Re-targeting will help put more of group two into shoppers who buy from you.

Statistically anyone going to your website  is an active shopper.  If they follow the trend they have visited several automotive sites before landing on yours.  When they land on your site you have to ask yourself these questions.

1) Are they valuable to me?

2) Have I already invested money in this shopper?

3) Did I let them know I really want their business?

The answer is yes they are very valuable to you.  They have raised their hands as someone who is in market.

Yes, you have invested money in them.  They found your site as a result of some investment you have made in marketing or advertising.

Finally, do they really know you want their business?  This is usually a NO!   That’s where Re-Targeting comes in.  You can place strategic ads to these individuals reminding them of why they should do business with you.  Keep your value proposition in front of them.

It’s a prospect list you want to stay in front of at all costs!

The key to making these ads really payoff is the creative.  These ads need to reinforce your unique selling propositions.  Here are some examples.

  • 48 Hour Money Back Guarantee
  • Tires For Life
  • 2 Years Free Oil Changes
  • Top Dollar For Your Trade
  • We’ll Buy Your Trade
  • Credit Guarantee

Try to stay away from price points.  Don’t let your automotive ad agency push you in this direction. They have either gotten a price or they’re already in the process of getting one.  Use this opportunity to sell your brand and your dealership.  As the price game plays out you have positioned yourself a little different than your competitors.

Don’t let these prospects get away easy.  See this as a final T.O. or a great closing tool.



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