Social Media Drives More Than Dealership Traffic

These days if you aren’t facebooking, myspacing, tweeting or youtubing, what exactly are you doing?

Almost everyone has some sort of social network site that they update daily and/or play on for hours. Even businesses are reaping the full advantages of having a social network plan.  Businesses like Apple, Budweiser, GM and even football conferences are using social networks to build relationships and trust in their brand or product.

Automotive dealers are just starting to figure out that they can also benefit from social networks. But only one in a hundred dealers will get it right while the others experiment and wonder why it isn’t working for them.

Social networking for dealerships is not necessarily about how many cars you can sell or how much traffic you can get thru the door.   It’s about building mutually beneficial relationships with customers,  not only past customers but future customers as well.   It’s a way to increase your audience, customer base and business.   The Internet is filled with people who are looking to meet other Internet users and develop both business and personal relationships.



One Response to Social Media Drives More Than Dealership Traffic

  1. MyCarBudget says:

    It is called social networking because that is what you are doing, networking. Instead of going to the pub you are doing it online. The best bit is that the conversations can be with like minded people as opposed to whoever is at the pub when you decide to turn up and shout drinks.

    The best way to start is the simply start your twitter account and follow like minded businesses and watch what they do and how they do it.

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