Free Posting Sites Increase Used Car Dealership Traffic

Free posting sites, led by Craigslist, have 3 times the traffic that “pay for” sites have.

Yes, you heard me right three times the traffic of paid sites.   And yes they’re  free for dealers to use.  I think it is important to note we are talking about active car shoppers interested in a used car.  These are in market shoppers taking the time to go on the internet and shop.  How can you pass this growing market … You Can’t!

So why are dealers not taking advantage of this great opportunity for additional dealership traffic?  Automotive dealers are quickly realizing posting on these sites is not as easy as it sounds.

Automotive Dealerships today simply do not have the resources to maintain this daily routine that is needed to execute and generate more dealership traffic.

Fortunately there are sources out there that can help and I have found one I would like to share with you.

SurePost is one these companies.  SurePost will post your vehicles right from your DMS.  You don’t have to do a thing to generate more dealership traffic.  Sure Post will  complete a branded page for you so that all your cars are branded with your   logo and colors.

They will post cars everyday on over 16 sites. This is important because you want as many cars at the top of the posting as possible.  In many markets they eliminate the posting every 7 days.

I am aware of one dealer  who over the last few months has doubled his used car dealership traffic and sales compared  to a year ago.  It is more impressive to note that  SurePost was the only used car advertising dollars he spent.  Plus, his 70 cars posts’ were getting over 700 unique views every day.  Think about the impressions!  His total advertising costs were under $500.

SurePost also provides unique analytics on the cars you have posted.  You’ll be able to see which cars are generating the most views.  This kind of information can go a long way when it comes to buying inventory.  It will also provide for some real information on pricing.

Take a look at this you’ll be glad you did!



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