Drive Traffic: Easy Way To Target In Market Buyers

In Market Buyer:  Someone who raised their hand and stated they are in the market to buy a car today.  

If you could get a list of these people emailed to you each day would that be a pipe dream?  Think again!  I have recently discovered CF Carnet a company that has access to the names and addresses of people who have had their credit score pulled at a dealership.  

When we talk about dealership traffic is there any better traffic than a hand raiser?

They  supply you with a custom direct mail piece and each day you down load the mailing labels and send out a mailer to each hand raiser.  When they receive the mailer they have the choice to call the toll free number which connects with a call center and get pre-approved.  They can also choose to call you direct or come in directly to your store.  

List Filtering:

You have the power to filter these leads as you see fit.  For example, you can dictate the range of credit scores. 

Select credit scores of 625 and less or choose credit scores between 725 and 650.  You have the freedom to pick the scores that fit your dealership.  

You’ll also want to define the geographic territory you want to influence.  You can do this by mileage, radius or zip code.  This program really allows you to tailor a strategy that works uniquely for your dealership.  

I suggest you have your automotive ad agency take a look at this.  If you have tried this before let me know your thoughts?



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