Car Dealerships Drive Dealership Traffic With Lifestyle Marketing

Birds of a feather flock together for many reasons.  People buy Hondas for many reasons.  The main  overwhelming reason is they have the same lifestyle.  Lifestyle marketing is the most under used tool dealerships have available to them.  Why do you ask?  

It’s simple, no one has taken the time to explain to you how today’s technology, the access to data and  reduction of costs can provide you the opportunity to implement these tools. 

Back in the good ole days you had only 6 broadcast television stations you could saturate the market with.  You had to buy enough spots that  would hit your prospects cost effectively.

Today we are attempting the same saturation but with hundreds of more choices.  Yet the media continues to present media analysis from the same boring  demographic position .  You know what I mean, one size fits all.  Your demographic of women 25-54 will match about every product being sold today.  The next variable put into media selection always lands on opinion or in some cases experience.

 This is usually a disaster waiting to happen and I know you have fallen into this trap!

Why has the media not taken lifestyle marketing to heart?  

Well the short answer is they haven’t had to.  You haven’t required them to act any different. The one size fits all demographic presentation works for any type of business so it doesn’t require any one to one data.

Lifestyle marketing begins and ends with the people who have bought from you.  They are giving you some incredible data to work with.   You have in your data base the perfect picture of the people most likely to do business with you.  

Their profile can be matched household by household to provide you with an audience of  clones.  If you want to drive more dealership traffic then simply invite people more likely to do business with you.

The ROI for demographic buying is just not there.

 Given a choice to drive more dealership traffic without spending more money is a no brainer.  Lifestyle media buying can be implemented quickly.  Why wait?  Your burning dollars if  you don’t!



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