Dealership Traffic Increases With Lifestyle Media

Automotive dealerships are finally recognizing that buying media, using the old standard of demographic modeling, is flushing money down the toilet.

Lifestyle media has shown to be 30% more effective than demographic media buying.

Why are dealers only now recognizing the value?  Thats easy, it’s the economy stupid!

When business is good everyone thinks they’re a marketing guru. Right? The economy pulls our pants down and makes an ass out of our marketing expertise.

Lifestyle Media buying is very new.  I have been using it now for just two years.  It isn’t an easy sell to dealers in a good market, but the results speak for itself.

Here is how it works:

  • Your customer base is run through a lifestyle data base that matches each household up with one of 62 lifestyles represented in the United States.
  • From this list we find clones of these customers in your market area.  The result is that you discover a given number of lifestyles represent the majority of your business.  For example, you may find that 18 lifestyles represents 80% of your business.  All of the households in your market area that fall into one of these 18 lifestyles is identified.  Next, the media habits of these households is analyzed using all available resources including diaries, surveys and media research from data companies to name just a few.
  • The end result is a report that shows the media habits by media, daypart, drive time, network, station etc. for your best prospects that look just like the people who have bought from you in the past.  Lets face it, lifestyle of a Honda owner is generally different than that of a Ford owner.  Yes, there is some cross over but there is some difference.

If you’re buying off demographics you’re talking to every possible car buyer in America.  In today’s market you can’t afford to follow the old school buying patterns.  With less money available wouldn’t you like it to work 30% harder! Take the step you’ll be glad  you did.



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