What Do I Need To Say To Drive Traffic

Say you are responsible to drive traffic to your dealership and it is your choice alone.  You know customers have more access to you than ever before.  So, where do you start.  Do you go back to old tried and true methods?  But you ask  yourself how true are they any longer?  Your choices now go on forever:  traditional marketing, online & interactive, gaming, mobile, social media, etc.

I would suggest you start with what your customers want?  If you start with the online shopper you need to ask what should you do when you connect with them?

Look no further! eMarketer Daily has very helpfully published a piece on Lightspeed Research's “Global Web Index.”

What do customers want from the brands they love? Information mostly (well, after a good discount anyway.)  Ultimately, they want value. Most importantly  you just need to ask yourself is my message relevant to them?  If it is they probably want more of it.

Something to think about as you plan your online strategy.

 eMarketer Daily has very helpfully published a piece on Lightspeed Research’s “Global Web Index.”

Actions Brands Can Take that Are Most Relevant to US Internet Users, August-September 2009 (scale of 1-5*)



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