Wheels Off … Living More Fully

If you’ve been following my blog long you know I forward some great thoughts from my good friend Dwight Edwards. This one really hit home with me!


“Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.”  Grandma Moses

by Dwight Edwards

She was born on Sept. 7, 1860. 101 years later, on Dec. 13, 1961 she passed.  Anna Mary Robertson Moses, better known as “Grandma Moses”, was one of the truly unique individuals of American history.

She took up painting in her 70’s and produced over 3600 paintings in three decades.  One of her pictures still hangs in the White House and recently another one of her works was sold for 1.2 million dollars.  The name of the character “Granny Moses”  in the T.V.  show “Beverly Hillbillies” was given in homage of her.

At 95 she passed on some of her thoughts about modern life:

“Now that I am ninety-five years old, looking back over the years, I have seen many changes taking place, so many inventions have been made.

Things now go faster.  In olden times things were not so rushed.  I think people were more content, more satisfied with life than they are today.

You don’t hear nearly as much laughter and shouting as you did in my day, and what was fun for us wouldn’t be fun now…. In this age I don’t think people are as happy, they are worried.  They’re too anxious to get ahead of their neighbors, they are striving and striving to get something better.

I do think in a way that they have too much now.  We did with much less.”

“I don’t think people are as happy, they are worried.” A great reminder from Grandma Moses.

Maybe in the rush to get ahead and accumulate more, we’ve left behind something far greater – life.  Or at least life as it was meant to be lived; with shouting and laughter and satisfying relationships and contentment with what little we have.

No doubt we would worry less if we truly lived more.  Not that it’s easy.  But Grandma would argue from her grave that it is possible.

Flashpoint: Living fully is the best pathway to worrying less.

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