How to drive dealership traffic and new business leads from your dealerships blog

First: Dealerships Need to Answer One Question Before They Blog

I believe dealerships need an integrated social media strategy for dealership new business.  A dealership blog is the central platform.  The places you can drive targeted online traffic is through SEO, Twitter, email newsletters, Facebook and LinkedIn.  The blog becomes the “gateway” to your dealership.

To create a dealership blog that will be successful in generating traffic and a consistent flow of leads, you will first need to answer one simple question.

The very first question you must answer before you create your dealership’s blog is, “who is our best target audience?”

Without answering this question you will find it extremely difficult to generate traffic.  If your blog has no traffic, no audience, no community … then you will have NO leads.

If you don’t know who your target audience is you will also find it difficult:

  • Deciding what to write about
  • Where to find resources
  • What search terms to use for SEO
  • Where to locate your online audience

It is a fruitless exercise without having a target audience identified.  I can provide dozens and dozens of examples of  blogs that have not identified their target audience.  They are like ships without rudders.  Aimless.  I would list some of these for you but I don’t want to embarrass anyone.

But I will provide some examples of blogs where companies have clearly identified their audience:

Let me know what you think of these.

Autonation (From battery life, tire wear and tear, community involvement and hybrid vehicles. Building relationships with past and present and future clients by sharing vital information.)

Blue Collar Branding (From boots, bowling balls to boats.  Manufacturers who need to reach blue collar workers.)

She-conomy (Male advertisers who should be marketing to women.)

Healthy Conversations (Health and healthy lifestyle brands)

Marketing Home Products (Home product manufacturers)

A Brighter Shade of Green Marketing (Companies interested in having an environmental component to their advertising/marketing.)

Tech Marketing Blog (High technology companies)

TV Is Not Dead (Retailers who should be using TV as a major part of their marketing mix.)

Tradesmen Insights (B to B companies who target professional tradesmen.)

We Play in Traffic (Retailers)

Why Moms Rule (Companies who should be targeting moms.)



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