Search Strategies For Dealership Traffic


Contextual Campaigns sound like a no brainer but you could end up screaming at  your computer.  Contextual Campaigns match keywords in your ad to keywords in articles on the web.  When a key trigger word or phrase is identified, your ad pops up in the article being read.  On paper this sounds like a wonderful targeted web application.  If used properly it is.  

For example, let’s say you want to run a credit ad and you select credit as your trigger word.   Sounds like a good idea.  Someone is in need of credit and they’re reading an article on credit and boom your ad appears.

Your ad states very clearly you can get just about anyone approved.  You have credit sources and there’s no challenge too great for you and your dealership.

STOP!  Credit is way to broad.  Suppose an article was published on a famous murder.  One of the arresting officers was quoted as giving CREDIT to a store clerk who chased down the suspect.  The use of the word Credit is way too loose.  

  • The design of a good contextual marketing program is that your ad is placed with a relevant article.

Next time you’re on the web see if the ad that pops up has relevancy to the article you’re reading.  If it doesn’t,  see if  you can figure out the trigger word that was used.  

Here’s a good  tip to keep this from happening to you and your automotive ad agency.  Locate sites you would like your ad to appear on and look for unique words and phrases that are used frequently on these sites.   After this process you might choose credit approval, credit restoration or car credit.    

If you target  Honda you run the risk of being up next to anyone who mentions Honda.  Your ad may run on an article about lawn mowers or someone that just happens to mention Honda in their copy.  This is not the targeted contextual marketing you signed up for.

Better solution is to mention Honda Accord.

 Most people won’t put both words together when casually referring to transportation.  Do a little research and  your ROI on contextual marketing will be much higher.  Yes, we want impressions but the more we can target the better.

Has this happened to you?  Let me know your war story.



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