Dealership Traffic: Social Media Is A Blue Ocean

If you’re  like me you’re always seeking out great ideas you think can drive dealership traffic.  There are so many ideas that sound bullet proof.  A sure fire silver bullet.  But as the investigation moves forward the warts begin to show.  The obstacles can be price, time, energy, resources or  it just turns out to be a bad idea.

 The best ideas; however, are the ones that give you a competitive advantage.  An advantage that is difficult for your competition’s automotive ad agency to duplicate.

When I find one of these I call it a Blue Ocean idea.  A Blue Ocean idea represents an idea where the seas are clear and uncluttered.  Unlike a RED OCEAN that is just a blood bath of competition.  

Social Media may be the biggest Blue Ocean Strategy you’ll see come along for a long time.  Why?

It’s really simple.  

  • Automotive Dealerships don’t have the resources to execute social media correctly
  • Automotive Ad Agencies don’t have the expertise to execute social media properly
  • Very few Automotive Ad Agencies or Dealers have the vision for social media

The graph below is a great visual of the Blue Ocean you can create with Social Media.  The higher the number the higher degree of  competence.

You have to get into this game and get into it the right way.  The great news is you don’t have to have the vision, expertise or the resources.  You just need to find someone that does.  Unfortunately, virtually every dealer attempting to execute  social media today is missing the boat.  Their  vision is a little short sited.

Social Media should be keeping you up at night with excitement.  The tools available to fully integrate a plan are at your finger tips.  The key is you must be willing to learn or find someone who will learn for you.  Just don’t wait for it to become a Red Ocean before you set your sails.



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