Part 2: 20 More Ways Your Blog Can Drive Dealership Traffic

This is part two of a two part series on ways to increase dealership traffic with your blog.  Make sure your automotive agency is following these rules when managing your social media.

  1. At the bottom of a post provide “Additional articles that may be of interest” and have a bullet pointed list of relevant articles as a convenience to your audience.
  2. Just like in print get your customers interest in the header.  Don’t force people to have to dig to find out what your blog is about because most often times they won’t!
  3. Resist selling!  The moment you start to sell on your blog is when you will most likely lose your audience. Remember we’re selling a relationship.
  4. Show that you have a genuine compassion for your audience and a willingness to help with their challenges and obstacles by “giving away your thinking.” 
  5. Always lead with “some candy, the takeaway” of the post.  Use an inverted pyramid newspaper style of writing.
  6. Identify who your audience is in your post titles.  This is important when you repurpose your content on Twitter and a critical part of SEO for your blog.
  7. Always take the time to link when writing about another person, company post or website. 
  8. People read differently online so write for “scan-ability.”  Make it quick and easy.
  9. Being successful takes a  disciplined, organized, strategic approach to your online reading by using an RSS Reader.  I recommend using Google Reader.  Stay committed, the results will be rewarding.
  10. If you are using, in the Tool Section of your Dashboard add “PressThis” button to your browser bar.  This is a great tool that adds content you like right into your blog drafts; which, allows you to go back at a later date.
  11. If you are referencing resource material that isn’t specific to your target audience, be sure you “bridge the gap” so that they understand how it is relevant to them.
  12. Be creative but direct with your post titles.  Great titles will generate traffic.
  13. Plan to use  occasional videos, podcast interviews or write something  personal that your audience might not know about you.
  14. As your content increases be sure to include a search tool at the top of your blogs side bar to make it easier for your audience to find content.
  15. Be sure and list your blog site on Google, Yahoo and Technorati.
  16. Include your blog feed in your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.
  17. Make it easy for people to contact you.  Remember it takes a two way conversation to create a relationship. 
  18. Encourage dialogue, feedback and engage with your audience.  Allow for differing points of view.  Remember to, “do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”
  19. Comment on the well known blogs that your prospective audience is reading.  This will help generate interests and traffic back to your blog.
  20. Finally, be sure your blog’s URL is on all of your other social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Here is the link to Part One of this series.  Be sure to send me any other thoughts you might have or any tips I might have missed.

Part 1: 20 Ways Your Blog Can Drive Dealership Traffic



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