Future Of Print And Dealership Traffic

Where is print going?  There are many opinions and  only time will tell.  However, newspapers can still provide a good ROI to dealerships.  Even with circulation numbers down.  

The cost to run an ad is much lower and  the competition for consumers eye balls is far less than just a year ago.  But, even so, many feel newspaper and print is dead.  

If you think print is dead you need to look at the video below.   Newspapers and others won’t be far behind.

Online resources such as Mashable help me stay ahead of the upcoming communication trends.  This excellent read and video that was posted by Mashable writer, Stan Schroeder, on the possibilities of Apple’s Tablet on the future of magazines.

This Sports Illustrated demo is very impressive and deserves your attention.  It’s amazing that magazines are already anticipating the possibilities of a Kindle version that could become mainstream.  Already 35% of Amazon sales are going to Kindle.

This should generate some ideas on how to  use this technology to promote your dealership.  Let me know what  you think or how you could see using it.



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