Want To Drive Dealership Traffic? Stop and Listen To Your Message!

           Stop before  you produce one more ad!

                       We need to talk copy!

Your copy  is like the set up for a golfer.  If you know anything about golf you can quickly tell if someone has any chance to hit a good shot. It’s a simple fact:  The worse your set up, the worse your odds are for success.  Yes, occasionally you can hit the proverbial bring me back shot. But don’t bank on it!

Copy provides you the same intel.  One quick read and  you can see if  it has any chance of being hit over the water and on to the green.   Use the steps below to evaluate your message before you go to market with unrealistic expectations.   

First: Is your copy getting someone’s attention or  are you just talking about  yourself?  This is the main trap automotive ad agencies fall into.  They let the dealer influence the copy to the point that all you’re talking about is the store.  People don’t care that much.  Right now consumers want to know what’s in it for them.  

Second:  Is your copy providing g a believable proposition that will interest your targeted market. Believability is key today.  

Third: Look and see if the copy your writing or reviewing that it realates the benefit to the consumer.  Merely stating an offer leaves it in the hands of the consumer to figure out if it is of benefit to them.  Show them how your believable offer is of benefit to them.

NOTE:  Too many hooks keep you from  selling the benefits of any of them!

Fourth:  Make sure your create some urgency.  People are going to react if you get their attention, make a believable offer, relate the value and then give them a limited time to take advantage of it.  If  you can’t put a time frame on it be sure to ask them to come see  you in some fashion that can add some urgency.

So don’t set up for your next big swing and have the wrong grip, bad posture and the wrong club.  Be for you run any ad be sure you listen  to it and make sure it’s set up to succeed.



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