3 Social Blog Platforms For Driving DealershipTraffic

  The car dealership  world of social media must look like a maze.  

One GIANT maze with dealers bumping into each other as they search for the  social cheese.  The social media mother load.  The one all mighty answer to the blog sweet spot.   Is there just one blog strategy for a dealership to find?  I don’t think so.  

I think there are three.  

I have outlined the basic strategies available to each dealership.  You need to choose the one that best fit’s your individual needs.

1) The individual stand alone dealer will want to create their own blog.  The face of the blog should be the owner or the GM.  However, don’t make the GM the face of the blog if  you change GM’s frequently.  The best bet is for the owner or someone in the owners family to take the lead.  Remember, the blog is used to build a relationship and should come from someone at the store.

2) The Dealer with multi franchises in one market  can do a brand blog.  One that represents the entire organization.  This blog can come from either the dealer, family person, or the brand.  The brand can be the relationship.  It’s not as personal but it may be the best strategy for your group.  Your auto ad agency should be able to help drive the content.  It will also be cheaper to do one blog than to tackle multiple executions.

3) The third execution available to you is the group or association.  You may have a small association of like franchises where a group blog would make sense.  This type of blog can be created by your automotive ad agency.  You might be part of an auto mall or a street association.  Your goal for both groups is to increase your credibility and marketing presence within the community.  Your goal should be for the  group or association to build a relationship with your market.  There’s no need to compete with the other dealers here.  Join together!   It will be easier and cost all of you less money.   Two great things!

Take your pick and get started.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Let me know which way works best for you.  I would love to hear about how you made your choice.



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