How To Design Your Blog To Create Dealership Traffic


 Does your blog look like a blog or a website?

 The natural tendency of a dealership is to over produce their blog. Your competitive nature will drive you towards developing a blog that looks like a website.  A blog is not a web site.  Your blog is for building relationships and trust.  Your website is for selling.    

There’s a book that has been on the market titled Blink.. It describes how human beings are able to subconsciously thin slice life experiences.  The book believes thin slicing drives our first impression.  The author (Malcom Gladwell) believes thin slicing puts past experiences up against what ever we see and then we make a quick thin slice of the situation.  It happens instantaneously. It is what we also call our gut instinct. 

You need to be aware of this and use it to your advantage. You need to be sure when the consumer thin slices your blog you get the outcome you want.

Don’t let your automotive ad agency try to impress you with the blog of all blogs.  If your blog smells commercialized, smells retail, then it will be branded a selling site and nothing more. Once again this is not a retail environment. This is not the outcome you want for your blog.  You will not be successful in social media if you don’t protect yourself from selling.

Social  media will drive traffic but it’s a different path.

I understand there’s retail blood running through the veins of successful dealers. However you want your blog to be thin sliced and interpreted as a resource, a depository for automotive information.

Imagine pulling up to a library that looks like a night club.  You’d thin slice this very quickly and keep driving.  It’s not what you expected and you would quickly judge it to be a poor choice. 

Just remember if it looks  RETAIL it probably is.  If it does you’ve missed the boat.   Don’t sell your friends. Let your friends sell you.



2 Responses to How To Design Your Blog To Create Dealership Traffic

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