Make Money, Drive Dealership Traffic With Social Media!

It’s Time To Make Some Money!

It’s time for you to get serious about social media. We’re beyond wondering if social is going to stick and beyond the waiting and wondering stage. It’s time to monetize social media for your dealership.

Dealerships are going to need an integrated social media strategy if you really want to see a social media payoff.  The payoff will be big but it won’t happen by accident.  A dealership’s  blog should be the central component. It will be the hub that drive’s dealership traffic.  You will drive traffic to your blog through SEO, Twitter, email newsletters, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Don’t forget this!  The blog is the front door to your dealership.   As important as it has  been to have a website,  it’s now equally important to have a dealership blog.

But … saying you have a blog is different from actually participating in social media.   To have credibility and generate dealership traffic your  blog must be developed the right way.

10 blogging Tips For The Social Media Dealership:

  1. Your first goal sounds simple but must be discussed in detail, “Who is your  target audience?”  Without answering this question you will find it extremely difficult to generate traffic. If your blog has no traffic, no audience, no communityyou’ll have no ups.
  2. Descriptor Statement: Clearly state what your dealership’s blog is about. Go ahead and be creative with the title, but not with the subtitle, the descriptor statement. It needs to tell your target audience exactly what the purpose of your blog is.
  3.  Someone has to be responsible for keeping the blog’s focus, generating blog content and repurposing that content through other channels.  This is where you need to choose between someone in the store, your automotive ad agency or a third-party that can execute social media specifically for you.  Someone  has to be responsible!
  4. The less people you have to depend upon the better.  When the dealership gets busy Social Media can’t take a back seat.  So keep it simple,  you want to be able to make changes easily and quick. As much as possible keep sales and the internet departments out of the process.  I recommend you get outside help here to make sure you stay on top of it.
  5. A successful blog is going to require you set a goal to post a minimum of 3 times per week. It’s preferable to post each week day.  This is why you need to have someone responsible that can  be consistent, where writing  becomes a ritual. 
  6. Repurpose blog content. You can easily repurpose your dealership’s blog content through Facebook and LinkedIn using special applications available in each platform. You can create an Excel spreadsheet of your blog post titles and URLs and upload those into a special 3rd party application called Social Oomph to repurpose blog content through Twitter accounts.
  7. Focus on Customer Benefits. Blogging keeps you focused on what’s important to your target audience. It requires you to focus on their everyday needs. Don’t  fall into the natural tendency to sell your dealership.  Once you do this you lose your credibility.  
  8. Write to Scan. This is the Social Media style of writing. This may be difficult for a lot of automotive ad agencies.  Nielsen Norman Group ’s research found that 79 percent of their test users always scanned any new page they came across online; only 16 percent read word-by-word.“How do users read on the web? They don’t … they scan,” is a good resource article for writing your dealership blog.
  9. Be Transparent. You won’t appeal to everyone but those that you do it will be strong. People want to work with people they know, trust and like. Social media, blogging in particular, can create a strong relationship with thousands of people each day.  
  10. You must give to get. Show that you have a genuine compassion for your audience and a willingness to help with their automotive ownership challenges.  You give away valuable information.  Your ups in the future will be drawn by the helpful content. If they understand how you think, your points of view, you’re going to create dealership traffic.  When they’re ready, you’ll be the first one they contact.

It’s time to get REAL!  Real fast and get into the Social Media world.  

It’s for REAL!  And it’s time to make some money!

If you have any questions or additional tips, please don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section below or email them to me at


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