Neuromarketing! Selling To The Old Brain Will Drive Traffic

Selling to the old brain is the quickest way to success.  I was introduced to Neuromarketing by Salesbrain.   They reinforced what I already knew.   But I didn’t understand the science behind it. Bottom Line…..Selling to the old brain will drive traffic much more effectively and consistently.  Ok, what is the old brain.  The old brain goes back to the basics of life.  Fight or flight.  Simply put a decision really is not made to act until the you realize the pain, your un-easy feeling or other perceived feeling is too  much if you don’t change.

At this point you must have an alternative to be able to change.  Here are 4 quick steps to see if  your message is targeting the old brain.  Make sure  your automotive ad agency is in step with this.

1) Have  you successfully diagnose the customers pain.  Infomercials do this well.

2) Can you differentiate your claim from the others.  Why you and not someone else.

3)  Demonstrate the gain.  What is the customer going to receive.  How does it affect them.

4) Deliver it to the old brain.  Use the word “you “when  you can.  The word “you” makes your prospect take ownership of the solution you are providing.

Shamwow!  Many of  you have seen this commercials.  Follow their creative and it will duplicate the four steps I just outlined.  

Don’t get me wrong y ou don’t have to do a Shamwow type spot to draw traffic but it is a great example.

Your creative needs to focus on one or two of the following stimuli.

1) Self Centered… make it all about that one person in the audience.  Lets face it we are all self-centered.

2) Contrast… do something in style, look, presentation that contrasts your competition.

3) Tangible… show the tangible results. Like Shamwow does when it mops up every spill  you can think of.  Show gain to the consumer.

4) Beginning and End… show where someone begins and where they will end up with your unique offer.  This is very powerful.

5) Visual… be visual if you can.  Paint a picture.  Most people respond to this type of stimuli.

6) Emotional… finally be emotional.  Act like your passionate about your solution.  If your excited chances are you can make someone excited.  It doesn’t work if you not.

Don’t get lost in writing copy to yourself!  Talk to the customer.  We all get more motivated to take action if the message hits the old brain.  

You can get more on Neuromarketing at  

There’s a great introduction video at this site.

You might want to join their network as well. There are some great examples are here that will stimulate your thought process.

Let me know what you think.  The message matters!


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