Try 15 Second Ads To Drive Dealership Traffic

Think about taking some TV:30’s and breaking them into TV:15’s.  The timing might be just right!

I don’t need to say it but here goes anyway.  The world of advertising is changing!   How you ask?  In more ways than I can count.  But if you can count to 15 you might have a media strategy at your finger tips that will drive dealership traffic.

Media operates on a supply and demand cost formula.  Back in the good old days it was more of a demand transaction.  What ever the media outlets demanded they got because the supply was so limited due to demand.  That’s why 15 second spots were often priced  at 75% of the value of a TV:30.

Strategically 15’s made sense when one was trying to raise frequency.  Economically, they didn’t.  It’s hard to justify spending 75% of the cost of a TV:30 in an attempt to raise frequency.  Today it’s a little different!

First, the internet has opened some doors for you.

We’ve found 15 second spots are a great way to encourage and promote people to visit a web page or to a promotional landing page.  The landing page can have coupons, discounts and other transactional items to drive traffic.

The internet allows us to extend that 15 second spot into an unlimited interaction between the customer and the dealership. (It’s also trackable!)

Your automotive ad agency needs to be looking at this next item right away.

Negotiating….. The demand at  stations or lack of demand is allowing for great negotiations if your willing to plan.  If you get your base strategy in place you’ll be able to really leverage some opportunities with local media.  Most automotive dealerships are still playing it too close to their vest. Don’t be the dealer  making every critical marketing decision at the last minute.  Your throwing out the leverage you may never see every again.

Here’s what you’ll gain taking action today!

You’ll be able to get TV:15’s  at about half the price of a thirty.  If you ask! .

You’ll increase you retail frequency which we know is critical to automotive advertising.

More frequency, less cost, and a message that is gateway to getting  consumers shopping you on the Internet!  

Let me know the kind of deals your getting from the media this year.  We’re finding some free weeks out there so be sure to look close.



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