How To Sell Your Cross Promotion Idea To Drive Dealership Traffic

If you want to get a cross promotion going with a local business start with a  personal email.

The more homework you do the better your chances of success.

Remember you’re not the first business to approach them with a cross promotion idea.

The person you’re prospecting is human.  So let’s make our communication personal.

If you build a relationship you’ll find  your success ratio will improve.

Before you go for the deal build that relationship.

Follow them on Twitter

Comment on their Blog if they have one

Find Articles that relate to their business

Don’t talk about yourself  during this first step,  show an interest in what they’re doing.  This activity needs to start weeks even months before you plan to throw out your idea.

Some ideas might be a quick sale but other will need this step. Start this step anyway because  you never know when you might have an idea that will require a relationship to get done.  Begin by identifying some prospects at various venues or companies and start a dialog.

Make your proposal simple and easy to understand.

People you’re attempting to reach are usually busy and have  little help with their daily duties. 

They don’t have time to figure out your proposal. 

The easier you can make it for them to understand and see the value in your proposal the more successful you’ll be at putting together cross promotions..  

Presentation That Stand Out

Provide your blog site and Web site for reference

Provide a special landing page for the concept with a distinct URL

If you can connect with them on the Web you don’t have to work for that first meeting

Put pictures or video on the site to sell your idea

Send a special mail piece enticing your prospect to go to the landing page built for them with your idea

Don’t Push Just Be Different

Don’t push your idea so hard that you harm your relationship.  Remember, your timing just may not be right.  I find  more success when an idea is unique, the presentation is well thought out and presented in a unique fashion.

Key Points

1)    Grab Their Attention Through Social Media, Build a Relationship

2)    Make a Unique and Meaningful Proposal… 

3)    Relate the Benefit To Your Prospect….What’s In It For Them?

4)    Ask for an Answer or Response… Or Set A Timeline

Make an annual plan of cross promotion ideas you would like to do during the year.  Begin to build those relationships and begin with an email.  Your  success will be greater than just relying entirely on a phone call and your charm.

Let me know what you think or any great cross promotions you’ve done.



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