It’s Time To Drive Traffic With Cross-Promotions!

Cross promotions are becoming very popular for two very good reasons.

Advertising dollars are tight  for dealers and everyone is looking for added value items to offer their customers.  Cross promotions allow you to do both.  Share the cost of marketing and offer a unique value to your  customer.   How do you get started?  I find the best way to create a winning cross promotion is to brain storm. 

Here are 6 good cross-promotional idea’s to kick-start your next brain storming session.

  1. Develop a co-branded advertisement.  Try a lunch and service newspaper ad. Offer several service discounts and along with a lunch coupon from a local restaurant.  The offer is simple; take advantage of any of the service coupons today and get a free lunch.
  2. Here’s one doesn’t cost any money.  Social Media is going to a very effective strategy to create cross promotions.  Have your automotive advertising agency develop a local social media business group where you comment and promote each other on facebook and twitter. 
  3. Co-promote a give away using social media.  Once your social media group is up and running  create a promotion where you offer a give away of their products for a test drive, trade-in or referral.
  4. Create frequent buyer card. When the consumer buys a product of  certain value from each partner  and in return  receive a great prize or cash rebate. 
  5. Set up a display of their product in your showroom.  Try a College day where you have local Universities at the dealership to answer questions about admissions and scholarships.  Or try the old stomach approach.  Have a donut shop set up a small donut display on the weekends in the showroom.  Activity is key.  Plus, this is a great topic to promote socially.
  6. With every service customer staple a special offer or discount on the receipt from one of your local marketing partners.  Be sure it’s an offer they only get from you.   In return have them can staple a low, low oil change price on their receipts or into their sacks.

With the power of social media cross promotions will create a life of their own.  Every business in your market is looking for ways to capitalize on cross-promotions.

What great ideas have you seen work this year?



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