Online Advertising Driving Dealership Traffic – How to Buy Banner Advertising

Anyone that has spent time on the internet has noticed banner ads. Banner ads come in different sizes [generally 3 sizes] and vary in appearance and subject matter. But they share two basic functions: 

1) When you click on the banner ad, you will go the Dealership’s website.

2) Your advertising message and branding message will reach internet users in the form of ad views or ad impressions. It is these impressions that determine how much you will pay for banner ads.

Dealerships generally have three options if they want to purchase banner space from websites to place banner ads.    

  • Approach the web sites yourself and negotiate a price – limited and time consuming. Because you don’t have bargaining power, you will generally pay higher prices.
  • Employ an advertising agency – An automotive ad agency will seek suitable websites [called publishers], negotiate the price of banner space, and do most of the work of posting banner ads on your behalf.  They will also help with online advertising campaigns and supply creative artwork.  This comes with a cost and will increase your CPM.
  • Utilize Ad Networks – Banner ad networks basically act as brokers between the advertisers/dealerships and publishers/websites.  Ad networks take care of placing ads, negotiating prices, tracking and can offer additional features important to automotive dealerships.
  •  Features such as:

o      Behavioral Targeting – Determining an internet user’s behavior, psychographics and preferences based on what websites they visit. Then place ads in front of them as the browse the internet.

o      Contextual Targeting – Serving an ad to an internet user based on the content they are currently viewing.

o      Retargeting – Targeting internet users that have visited your website and then placing ads in front of them as they browse the internet in order to bring them back to your site.

o      Geographic Targeting – Serving ads based on the internet user’s physical location.

      Ad Networks give dealers a greater access to reach internet users, provide flexible payment models, offer low costs and provide targeting abilities.  Thus, Ad Networks are hard to beat for Dealerships.

I have found this to be the best path for dealers to take!

What have you found out?  What do you think of banner ads?



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