Build facebook Fans.. One Good Case Study

There’s one thing all automotive dealerships will need  to be successful in social media.  

Every dealer regardless of strategy must build facebook fans and twitter followers.  

One of the primary goals of social media is to build a group of targeted individuals to push your relevant content to.

As I surf the social world it is clear dealers are having trouble building this audience.  There are many ways to add fans and followers but here is a case study of a successful fan building campaign.

Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine Texas is the number one volume Chevrolet dealer in America.  They’ve begun a concerted effort to build and grow a social media program.  And as a part of this plan they want to add fans to facebook.

On Friday  January 22nd a plan was hatched to do two things.

1) Do a fundraiser for Haiti relief

2) Increase  facebook  fans     Classic Chevrolet

The offer was simple.  For every fan of Classic Chevrolet at the end of January the dealership would donate $1 to Haiti relief.  The corporate offices for the dealership jumped and said they would match what ever the dealership pledged.

Immediately an effort was put out by dealership employees and managers to connect with friends through social networks to get the word out.  The response was tremendous.   

Over 783 fans were added to the dealership in just 8 days.  The total donation was $2,500.

But it didn’t stop there.   Classic Chevrolet received publicity from:

Ft. Worth Star Telegram 

The Car Guy radio show on local WBAP 

Fast Company 

The story went on to be picked up by several additional media outlets.

This is a terrific case study of one social media idea with three great outcomes:

1) Raised $2,500 for Haitian relief

2) Classic Chevrolet added over 700 fans

3) Classic Chevrolet received extensive Free Publicity 

Look for opportunities to add followers and  tie in great causes they  create a real win win.

If you’ve had some success stories like I would love to hear about them.



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