Social Media Study Says YES For Car Dealerships

The word is YES but look out for potholes!

I found a study everyone should read. I highlighted a few points out of the article and added a comment as it relates to the dealership world.

Social media has arrived in business. The hype is real:  Click Here for Full Study

Comment: Do these people or companies actually know how to use it?  The question closer to home is do car dealerships know how to use social media or are they going to fall into the pothole of social hype?

So far the hype is winning and the execution is failing.

56% of the Inc. 500 are using at least one form of social media

Comment:  This doesn’t mean 56% know how to use it.  Most don’t!

66% consider social media “very important” or “somewhat important” to their strategy

Comment: This number would hold true in the retail dealership world as well. Look at a hand full of websites. 

51% of companies are monitoring social media

Comment:  If your not involved in social media your monitoring.  If your monitoring you need to get involved. It’s bigger than you think!

They claim they’re using it because they consider it important to their business and marketing strategy.

Comment:  It’s not a fad but it’s full of potholes.  Even in a mature media like television they’re many potholes dealers can fall into.  Imagine the holes waiting for you in social media.  

Get some help!  I did.  It moved me two years ahead of  trying to figure out thing myself.

Here are a couple of potholes to miss.

1) It’s not a newspaper! Put your retail message somewhere else.  It’s about building a lasting relationship with prospects and customers.  This is why it’s so powerful.

2) It takes constant activity.  You’re wasting your time and money if your not active.  Too many dealerships or automotive ad agencies started a facebook and twitter page and have basically abandoned them.  It’s worse than not getting started.

I am  starting  a list of potholes to avoid.  Send me yours!



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