Diamond Promotion Drives Dealership Traffic


Another winning promotion I just need to share with you.

The name of this one is Driving for Diamonds!

The premise is simple come take a test drive and you could win a diamond. 

Like a lot of promotions of this type the devil is in the details. 

Rule #1 of any good promotion is to be sure it’s real and it’s not going to upset anyone.  The power of social media will make any mistake  you make front line news.  So be sure it is a legitimate  offer.

Here’s how to pull off this good idea! 

  1.    Tie in with a good local jeweler.  The bigger the name the more credibility your promotion will have.  Don’t be afraid to use their name.  You’ll need secure their permission to do so.
    • Determine how the promotion is going to work.  In this case the strategy was simple.  Put 75 envelopes on the wall.  Inside each envelope is a voucher for a diamond.  On the voucher the size of the diamond is listed.  ¼, ½, ¾ or even a one karat diamond.
    •  Do your math and figure out how many diamonds you can put up and what your budget is going to be.  You need one hero diamond.
    •   If you choose to, you can augment your envelopes  with other prizes.
    •    Once the customer has taken the test drive they come in and select an envelope.  The envelope is pulled down and opened.  The consumer then see’s the diamond or prize they have won


This promotion can run for any length of time just plan it out with your automotive ad agency.  It’s easy to promote in any media; television, radio, direct mail, email, or social.

Have you done a promotion like this? Let me know. 



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