Presidential Giveaway Can Drive Dealership Traffic

Drive dealership traffic with the help of a few Past Presidents.

If your looking for a traffic building promotion that is very flexible take a look what a few Presidents can do for you.

This is a cash for test drive giveaway.  It connects with the market place because of the upside.  The opportunity to walk away with a big cash reward.

Step One:  Determine your budget for the cash portion of your giveaway.

Step Two:  Determine your minimum test drive amount.

Step Three:  Determine the largest amount you want to give away.   This is your hook.  It could be as high as $500.  It’s up to you.

Step Four:  Count the number of cars you want to have participate in the promotion.  You could make it for the entire dealership or break it down to new or used.  You could drill down all the way to SUV’s,Truck’s or green cars. 

Step Five:  Create a cash voucher and insert the amount into an envelop and seal it. Have one of your managers place them in the glove box of each unit first thing in the morning.

If this was a Saturday sell the first person to test drive that vehicle on Saturday gets the Saturday cash.  Only one test drive cash per person.  It’,  first come first serve.

If you do it for several days in a row you’ll need to replenish the envelopes in the cars each morning.

There are several ways to market the Presidential Test Drive Promotion get with your automotive ad agency and figure out the best for you: 

  • Make it Saturday only promotion and advertise it on each and every Friday.  It can become just a part of your weekend sales strategy.
  • Make it a big three day promotion and hit it hard.  
  • Focus on a new product launch.  Make it a month long promotion.  It’s a good tie-in with a local radio station.
  • Use Social Media to promote it.  This is a low cost approach.  It will take a little while for it to take hold but thats OK.  Your cost structure is very low.
  • Finally it makes for a good midnight madness sell.  Test drive any car between 9pm and Midnight and get the cash in glove box.

I’m sure your brain is tossing many other ideas around.  Let me know how it would work best for you.



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