Text Messaging Campaigns Drive Dealership Traffic

Use text messaging to  promote your next event. 

Promoting your event through text messaging allows you to update your prospects on activities and schedules in real time. 

You need to use your creative juices but remember the end goal is attendance.

Biz Report posted a nice article on successful text messaging campaigns you may want to review.

 Here is an attack plan for your next text messaging campaign to support your event.

1. Landing Page

 Create a landing page that is independent of you website. This strategy leaves a bigger impression on the end user.  On the landing page put information on the event. 

Include video where you can.   Video can really add to your message.  Remember  to always put a special value proposition good only for those that hit your landing page.   Traffic count  on the site will give you some idea as to the response you can expect.

2. Text Message Schedule

Schedule your messages.  This is the best way to stay disciplined in order execute your plan.  Plan your message and your frequency.  First, plan a pre-launch message.   Next, depending on the size and length of your event put a schedule together that has frequency but don’t bury your prospects. 

3. Message

Make your messages count!  Your prospects won’t mind a text message as long they’re informative.  Be careful not to send a message just to send a message.  This will help you build an event worth attending.  Get with your automotive ad agency and make sure the creative is  “worthy”.

4.  Lead Follow Up

Just call them back. One of the great bye products of a text campaign is you capture phone numbers. With this information you can respond with specials or just call them on the phone.

5. Use Text Message To Track Effectiveness

Track you advertising success.  Most dealers have tried the call sourcing strategy.  This allows you to see how many calls come from individual ads.  You can do the same with text messaging.

By utilizing multiple text campaigns (keywords), you can measure the effectiveness of each ad.

Text message marketing is a powerful, inexpensive tool that can make your event more successful.

 From a pancake breakfast to a big new car introduction text messaging can be an effective marketing tool.

I’m sure many of you have tried text messaging.  Would love to hear your success stories.



One Response to Text Messaging Campaigns Drive Dealership Traffic

  1. Noel @ Mosio says:

    These are all great, Ron. #3 is perhaps the most relevant, one that we guide a handful of clients through. Text messaging is a powerful medium, but if you don’t use it wisely, people will simply opt out and the opportunity has been wasted.

    The messages don’t need to be discounts or free stuff (those don’t hurt though), the content just needs to be relevant to your customer’s interests and worth their time.

    Another use we see a lot of is using text messaging as a way of initiating the conversation with customers. They may not want (or be ready) to call or visit in person, but if they can quickly text a question, comment or inquiry about something, it’s a great opportunity to start a “conversation” that gets them comfortable. Two way text messaging software is required to do that, but it works.

    Thanks for posting!

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