Can You Describe Your Car Dealership In 7 Words?

Here’s a challenge for you.


Can you describe your dealerships unique selling proposition in seven words or less?


Let’s take it one step further …

Can you describe your dealership in seven words “without” using the 10 things most car dealerships say about themselves?  I like to call these the industries common point of view.

Ten things dealership are most likely to say about themselves that everyone else is saying:
• We offer great service
• We have great prices
• We have great selection
• We care about our customers
• Nobody beats our deals
• We can get everyone approved
• We do what it takes
• We’ve been in business ____ years!
• We offer more for your trade
• We’re Number 1

If you are up for the challenge, share your description in seven words or less in the comment section below.

Be sure to identify your dealership, include your address if you like.
Be creative! Challenge your automotive advertising agency to come up with a brand new one if you need to.
I’d like to highlight these in a future post and have readers vote on the best.

Here are the first three entries!
• One Price Honda’s. Fast Fun Friendly
• Our Cars Are Cheaper In the Country
•A High Five Experience You Count On

Thanks for participating! Just type yours in the comment box below.



4 Responses to Can You Describe Your Car Dealership In 7 Words?

  1. Fast, Fun, Stress-Free, Hassle-Free, Drama-Free, Car Shopping…

  2. Ron Wheeler says:

    I looked at your website and it matches your 7 words.
    Well done!
    How long have you been at this store?

  3. Customer-oriented, Friendly, Great Service, Fun, Stress-free

    • Ron Wheeler says:

      Great promises.. can you put it into one simple point of view?
      Remember everyone says we’re customer oriented and we have great service and we’re friendly. Try to bring it to life!!
      Put a flag in the ground and say we own… What! Ron

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