The Golden Goose of Automotive Advertising Is In Your Lap!


Don’t kill the golden goose!


I’ve been amazed at how poorly most dealerships are using facebook.  The common negative car dealerships have in the general public is pressure. 

Always pressuring for the immediate sell. 


Even with years of data and a real effort by many dealers the perception still has not changed.  When you just mention car dealerships people can feel the retail pressure.  Nothing is more retail in the consumers mind than the car business. 

 So the one big opportunity to change this falls into our laps and we mess it up!

 I’m talking about social media.  This amazing opportunity drops right in our laps and what do most dealers instinctively do… START SELLING!

 I’ve been doing some research on the best use of facebook by dealers to share with you.  Posts that create real value and don’t insult customers with retail, retail and more retail.  Unfortunately what I found were dealers across America posting deals and inventory on facebook like it’s a classified section or Craigs List.

 You need to lose the retail virus when it come to Social Media.  Social Media is a gift.  Accept it!  Don’t throw it away.   Social Media has given you the opportunity to really build a community.  To create trust and karma with your customers.

 It’s your chance to provide real value to your market place.  Make sure your posts pass one of these three smell tests before you post:  Is it….

  • Entertaining
  • Educational
  • Informative

If it doesn’t then don’t post it.  Set some standards with your automotive ad agency.  Create some social objectives.  You have plenty of other sources to get your retail message out.  Don’t think there’s a quick fix and fall for one of the vendors offers in the market place.  If it looks retail and it smells retail the consumer will know it.

Don’t kill the golden goose.



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