Drive Dealership Traffic With Social Promotions

Great Job SoCal Ford!  Another great social promotion from Ford!

Social promotions are all over the internet.  Here is one of my favorite in a series on SoCal Ford.  This  promotion is part of a on going social promotion designed to engage the public  with a series of promotions.  Everyone who enters is eligible to win a new Ford Fiesta.   The winners of each contest win a $100 gift card.

Below is a sample of the post that are being done on facebook.  Throughout this promotion they have done a great job of creating the urgency to get your entry in and win.  Be sure you or your automotive ad agency builds the urgency.

Here is just one example of a logo entered by one of SoCals fans.

Ken Grady Ford was not really eligible but I really liked how they got in the game and got some eyeballs on their dealership.

Smart!  Very Smart!

Be creative when it come to events and contests.  Let me know what you think of this event.  Share your best with me and I’ll include it in one of my blogs.



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