5 Twitter Thoughts For Your Automotive Ad Agency

Many dealerships today are jumping into social media with absolutely no plan.  

It almost looks like sheep jumping off a cliff.

 Many of you are checking off a list of social media tools like you’re on a scavenger hunt.  If you are it’s time to stop and reassess your approach.

One tool that should be very important to you is Twitter. 

Twitter is one of the social media tools that I use to generate traffic and new business leads. It is the leading traffic generator for Up-Your-Ups.

Here are five mistakes dealerships should  avoid if they want to generate traffic through Twitter:

  1. Opening a twitter account but not using it. A tell-tale sign that Twitter is nothing more than a check-off on your social media check-list. When you rarely post to Twitter it will show.
  2. Retail Tweets. Don’t use Twitter like a classified section, constantly using promotional Tweets to tout retail offers, new incentives, etc.
  3. Tweet as somebody.   Ford Motor Company gets this right,  allowing @ScottMonty to be their social media spokesperson under his own Twitter name rather than through the company’s name. 
  4.  Auto Responses might work in email. But not on Twitter. These drive not only me but will drive your prospects crazy. They are impersonal, and usually contain no value other than to clog up your Direct Message box. 
  5. Tweets with no sugar. 80 to 90% of your tweets should be resources for your audience. . They should be a combination of posts from your blog and other resources.  Make sure they have something in it for your audience.  Try  using  a tool called  bit.ly to post an article, along with a shortened URL to Twitter.

Twitter is a great tool.  Make sure you or your automotive ad agency  don’t  treat Twitter like it’s a possession.  You know what I mean.

You’ve got a Twitter page because the dealer down the block has one.  

Get a plan together and use Twitter to help execute that plan.  What ever you do keep it real and keep it personal.



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