Automotive Ad Agency: How To Make A Social Media Promotion Work


 If you’re wondering how to make a Social Media program work follow Dick Hannah.

 This automotive group has it clicking.  Here are the 5 key elements they have working for them.

1)   The promotion connects with the community. 

Asking kids to increase their grade point or maintain a GPA of over 3.6 is a terrific idea.  It shows the dealerships desire to promote and celebrate good accomplishments.

2)  The promotion has a unique value proposition.

I don’t think you’ll find many offers like this in your market and certainly not in theirs.  This promotion takes planning and execution.  This is exactly what disqualifies most dealerships.

3) The  proposition is targeted.

Because it is targeted toward students the opportunity for word of mouth marketing is tremendous.  Do you think the students; teachers and parents are spreading the word.  Absolutely!

4) The promotion adds to their social networks.

 This promotion requires them to connect with the dealership on facebook.

5) The promotion is promoted through multiple channels.

Don’t put boundaries on your promotion.  Make sure you or your automotive ad agency finds as many ways as possible to get it to your targeted audience.

If you can successfully accomplish these five steps with your social media promotion you’re going to be very happy with your results.

 If you have another point you think I may have left out let me know.

We’re all learning and growing.



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