Does Your Automotive Ad Agency Have You Into Twitter?

There are two simple questions you need to ask yourself regarding Twitter.

Can I really grow a twitter network and are they really my target audience?


Without a big YES to both of these you’ll be wasting a lot of time and energy.


Dealers usually fall into one of three categories. 

 1)    They don’t understand Twitter and how to use it and thus don’t believe  their customers are using Twitter.

2)    They’ve stuck a toe into the Twitter world and found it difficult to get followers.  After a few months and only 200 or so follower they just lose confidence and quit.

3)    They’ve done their research and know the market is right and they can grow a social network on Twitter.

 If you find yourself falling into one of the first two points here’s a couple pieces of relevant information you should be aware of.

Men and women are using Twitter and the highest indexing age brackets are right in our sweet zone.  

If you think you can’t grow a Twitter network take a look at this success story below.

32,515 Followers! WOW!

As far as automotive retailers go East Coast Auto has highest number of followers I have found to date.  My guess is they have successfully used Tweet Adder to grow there network.  I highly recommend this software to help grow your network.

If your not engaged get started immediately.  Your competition knows the market is there and they’re growing their networks.  Don’t get to far behind.  Get your automotive ad agency on the ball.

If you have more followers let me know.  I’m looking for the world record.



4 Responses to Does Your Automotive Ad Agency Have You Into Twitter?

  1. Thanks for taking this opportunityto talk about this, I feel strongly about it and I benefit from learning about this topic. If possible, as you gain data, please update this blog with new information. I have found it extremelyuseful.

  2. tweet adder says:

    The main purpose of Twitter is to receive and send short bursts of content from other Twitter users. Many use it only to interact socially, but Twitter is also becoming a necessary instrument for internet marketing. 

  3. A crucial part of getting Followers is keeping them. generating Followers is important, even so keeping them still is even more essential.

  4. Ron Wheeler says:

    I am always keeping my eyes and ears open for more information. Look for more on the way. thanks Ron

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