United Credit Education Services A Unique Dealership Traffic Tool

As in anytime in history difficult times bring new innovative ideas.

One such idea was created by Paul Sansone Jr. Paul.  Paul is a very good operator and innovator. He like many dealers relied on the credit market for a great many of his customers.

When the credit market tightened he needed a fresh solution. One that helped his customer, his dealership and his bottom line.

If you want an edge in your market and a proven product read on!

Let me introduce to you FES/PMB Marketing. PMB Marketing is the brainchild of a dealer  who understands retail and his customers.

PMB Marketing, married two industries: Auto Dealerships and United Credit Education Services.

  • The bottom line is auto dealerships are facing more and more marginal credit customers, who want to buy a car, but can’t because of their low credit score.
  • United Credit Education Services is a company looking for marginal credit customers, who need help correcting, restoring and improving their credit (score).

The number of marginal credit customers who come in today has grown and due to the current lending practices, the delivery percentages of these customers are down significantly.

In some cases as much as 75%.

That means the dealership makes no money for their time spent, customers are walking out the door with little hope, and the dealership never sees the customer again.

FES/PMB Marketing will help your customers improve their credit, allowing them to come back to you to purchase their next car as well as enjoy all of the benefits of an improved credit rating.
All of this is done with very little effort on the dealership’s part.

United Credit Education Services is a very reputable credit company. I have checked them out but feel free to see for yourself.  Their track record is tremendous.  It takes very little effort on your part or the customers.

Paul, is loading his pipeline with customers. To find out more about this product feel free to call Paul Sansone Jr. at 732-922-1050.  He has a lot of great examples how he is marketing this product.

Have your automotive ad agency check it out at least.  It has the potential to add 30 or more deals a month!  Plus, make for some very happy customers in the market place saying GREAT things about you!



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