21 Social Media Ideas For You and Your Automotive Ad Agency



I recently attended a 3 hour social media workshop on your behalf.  That’s right on your behalf. 

I recognize you don’t have the time, focus and usually the opportunity to attend a work ship like this. 

Up Your Ups is here to the rescue.

Dave Nelson of WeSocialize is a great resource for anyone and any business interested in social media.

One of his take away for us was a list of 21 social media ideas for business.

I selected the top 7 ideas I think you should be aware of:


1)    Set up Google alerts for you company, customers, competitors

This is not hard to do.  Just go to googlealert.com.

2) Use www.search.twitter.com to accelerate your learning and listen locally.

This is a great tool for staying in local converstations.

3) Read a blog & comment (search for blogs of interest)

Here’s a great tool to help find blogs of interest www.technorati.com)

4) Subscribe to something “RSS”

I like google reader as my reader.  Try subscribing to www. up-your-ups.com

5) Practice PIE + Authenticity

    Be sure your communication has Personality, is Interesting and Entertaining.

6)    Listen to a pod cast

Pod casts are the new books on tape.  They’re a great way to stay on connected with innovative ideas and concepts.

7)    Use.  www.getsatisfaction.com for customer support.

If you ever wanted to create automated customer support check this site out.  It really works and is easy to implement. 

Social Media is a big subject and there’s lots going on.  Be sure your automotive ad agency or your social media expert is engaged and on top of things.  Always use this blog for concepts and ideas. 

Let me know what you find out if you engage any of the above ideas.



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