How To Enlist Your Automotive Ad Agency and Internet Staff To Become Scouts

Scouts needed!   Not the traditonal scout on horse back leading the way through rugged country.   No, you need scouts to venture through the ever changing world of social media.

 Not everyone is a scout and not everyone is cable of being a scout.  So choose your scouts wisely.  One thing is for sure you’ll need more than one scout.  Your scouts need to be ahead of the curve.  They need to see what’s coming and direct you down the right path.  Scouts will be critical to ensuring your continued success in social media.  

Here is a chart we use at Social Motive our social media division.   On the left hand side are the titles.  The center column would identifies who the primary scout is for this subject.  The far right is a short description of what the scout is responsible for.

The continual learning that is needed in each one of these areas is critical.  

One person can’t possibly be the scout in all these areas.  Make sure  your Automotive Ad Agency and your Internet staff are on board.

For example I have high lighted in red where  the internet staff in most stores thrive as a scout.

There’s so much depth in each of these areas.  Each scout must become the repository of the best practices taking place in social media.  This is the kind of expertise you need to have in front of you leading the way.  The stakes are too high.

Don’t get ambushed!  Get your team in order.

Where would you put your internet staff?



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