Tips On Hiring An Automotive Ad Agency or Individual for Social Media.

Whether you’re looking in house or for an automotive ad agency how can you determine who is best suited to help you with social media?

 Since there are very few people with true retail proof of performance  you’ll need to keep your eyes and ears open.  As we’ve added people to our Social Motive division I’ve learned a few hiring secrets.  Let me share some of the highlights.  

  • Experience is very important. If they just got started in social media in the last 12 months you need to look the other way.  
  • If they keep talking about widgets and plug-ins they probably don’t have any real practical experience.
  • All you hear them talk about is Twitter and Facebook.   These are just tools to a successful social media program not the answer.
  • Any strategy they discuss with you focuses primarily on adding new friends, fans, or followers.  Again, just one small piece of a good program.
  • If they use My Space as an example start your search all over.  Unless you’re targeting 14 year olds.
  • If they don’t maintain an active blog you don’t have a social media leader.  Maybe someone willing to learn but not a leader.
  • Can they show you they have an active presence in social media?  It’s like the Plummer who has a bunch of leaks at home or the handy man who’s house is falling apart.  All talk!
  • Finally if they call themselves an expert count them out.  Any knowledgeable individual in social media knows anyone who calls themselves an expert is far from it.

My guess is you have a few of your own if you have ventured into social media.

 Let me know what you look for in a social media hire or what you think an automotive ad agency should have as a track record.  

If you’d like to discuss responsibilities of an in house social media person I would be happy to give you my thoughts.  All you need to do is ask.

Here’s a blog you should read on how not to behave in the social media world.  

” How to behave in social media!”



One Response to Tips On Hiring An Automotive Ad Agency or Individual for Social Media.

  1. Pamela Wright says:

    May I add:

    If they do have a blog with numerous mispellings, words that are used in the wrong context and commas where periods should be….Run away fast.

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