New Google Search Tools: Why Are They Important To Your Automotive Ad Agency?

Google has added new search tools to help users find the information they are looking for easier than ever. 

But will these search tools help or hurt you?.   

Google has learned that searches are greatly influenced by information that might be outdated.  If you use the search feature  you know just what I am talking about.  

The most important new Google search feature is the ability to filter results by time.   Google has introduced the ability to search by specific time frames with only one click.  If you’re interested in the posts relevancy you can now search by: the last 24 hours, week, month, year, or even a designated date range. 

This is great news for dealerships that create fresh relevant content.

Dealerships using the blog as the center point of there social media strategy will have a significant advantage.  Just one more benefit of a properly executed social media strategy.

I know first hand how powerful this is.  I have several blogs and one  has been live for 6 months.  If you type in a key search term used for this blog and click on “past year”… here’s what you’ll find 

    • Individual blogs on the first page
    • Twitter page on the first page
    • Face Book page on the first page
    • (no specific web site attached to this blog so there is no site to rank)

    Bottom Line Relevant Current Content Wins!

In addition to this filter, there is a timeline feature that will actually display search results in a graph for the year that the data is relevant to.

Next, is a feature that will limit the Google search results to a users immediate area.  This is important to most shoppers. It is a very positive move for your social media program.  

Can you get your blog, facebook, twitter and web site to the first page?  Absolutely!

Finally, Google has also created an interesting tool called the “Wonder Wheel.”  This visual search tool displays your search word in the middle of a wheel with other related keyword definitions surrounding it like spokes on a bike.  When you click one of the spokes, another wheel appears with the selected keyword in the middle and thus creating a drill down effect of the Google search results. 

This is important to keep an eye on.  It may suggest key search terms you need to pay attention to.  As the use of it grows your bound to see certain search terms increase in usage.  When you identify a new search term of value  add it to your cache.

Overall these new features have a huge potential to change the way all Internet users search and find information. 

As these new features become popular, it will mean your website will have to change and your social media program will be even more important.  Relevant and current content will win this battle. You need to be sure you and your automotive ad agency are on top of this.

Check these new features out they’re located to the left of the search screen.  If you don’t see this feature right away, click the option called “Show search tools”.



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