10 Social Media Steps For Your Automotive Ad Agency

If you want to walk with the big dogs, read on!

 If you really want to walk with the big dogs in social media you’ll need to pay attention to these ten points.   Print this off and post it on your desk or on your wall.  You can dress however you like, tie dye is not required.

This list was provided by  Dave Nelson a social associate of mine.  He gave me his permission to share it with you.  Take a look let me know what you think.  


Do the up-front planning like your automotive ad agency would do with any new initiative.   Define your target audience, detail how you intend to create value for them, and map out how you expect them to create value for you. Document your approach and objectives per medium (blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Do read and listen first. In the beginning, listen and learn for a few weeks before responding. In general, spend twice as much time listening as responding.

Do display your Personality, and keep the content Interesting andEntertaining (the old radio adage “PIE”). Remember that people buy from people; show your professional self.

Do be authentic. Never before has a medium and its participants been more skilled at smelling a rat and turning against the perpetrator.

Do remember that social media is about two-way conversation. Conversation builds trust; trust leads to sales.

Do favor timeless content over the time-sensitive (note: this varies based on the medium and there are exceptions). We live in a time-shifted “Tivo” world and there’s wonderful leverage in creating a blog post (for example) that will have value to new readers weeks, months, or even years from now.

Do remember that “push” is out; “pull” is in. In today’s information-rich world, people want to opt-in, choosing where they spend time. Give them a reason to choose your content.

Do keep your eyes open. Use Google Alerts, search.twitter.com, Linkedin Groups, Ning networks, and more to listen to the conversation about your company, your competitors, and the best practices in your industry.

Do exhibit the patience of Job. As the party with more power (a business relative to a customer/prospect), attacking or being critical will frequently backfire and word will propagate quickly.

Do learn from your audience (as they will learn from you) and rapidly evolve your products and services to meet their needs. They’ll suggest valuable ideas you’d never think of.

This is a terrific list.  The last point reminds of a quote.

“Survival of the fittest.”  Not really true!  It just means you’ll last longer than others but in the end you’ll fade away as well.

You really need to think like this quote!

“The one’s that have the ability to change and adapt are the ones that survive!”

Let me know your thoughts.  Let me know which points you like the best!



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