Territorial Disputes: The #1 Killer of Social Media Programs

Don’t choke the messenger.  I’m only reporting on experience!

 If your Automotive Ad Agency or  your Internet department is  staking claim to social media be careful.

The #1 killer of social media programs is territorialism.  In most cases this starts with people involved in the Internet department.

Now, I’m sure there are capable people in your Internet department but social media directors they are not.  Just because they work on the Internet doesn’t automatically qualify them for this critical role.

  • Imagine you’re the coach of a football team.  You’re down to one quarterback and he comes up hurt.  You need a replacement.  You need someone to take you to the championship game. 
  • Do you go out and find the best available quarterback to run your offense or do you look to the center.  That’s right the center.  
  •  The center raises his hand and makes his case.  I’ve been handling the ball on every play all season.  I’m the guy that starts every play in pressure situations.  I’m a team player and I’ve been on the team for years.  I think I can do this!

This is like handing your social media future to your Internet department.

There’s no track record to even suggest they can be successful.  It won’t be followed with dealership traffic.

Your Internet department is paid to sell cars today.  How long has it taken you to get the right people in the right place?  Why move them? 

Don’t be fooled by territorialism.  Keep the right people in the right jobs.

Don’t move your prize receptionist to a service advisor. Don’t put your best floor guy in the Internet department. 

So, think twice before you give your social media program over to your Internet department. 

It may look like an easy solution but from my experience you’ll only lose time, money, opportunity and sales!




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