What You Should Know About Selling Cars Online Today.


It’s always great to get a independent thought about the automotive industry.  Chris Brogan has done this just for  you.  He has just completed buying a car on line.  His experience is valuable intel for anyone in the automotive marketing business.

Here’s his to do list for  you: My thoughts are in (italic).

  • Make your sites more mobile-friendly. Flash doesn’t cut it in the smartphone era.
  • (You need to think like the end user.  Where are they obtaining information and how do I make it easy for them?)
  • Add listening tools to your marketing efforts.
  • (Listening posts are critical. Step one is to make sure you are on top of comments and posts. Think in minutes not hours!)
  • Have a social presence, so you can respond and invite in potential buyers.
  • (You really need a comprehensive plan here. Watch out for internal pit falls.)   
  • Work with the manufacturers’ social media people, like Christopher Barger at GM and Scott Monty at Ford (and your manufacturers of choice).
  • (This is great advice.  If nothing else start reading them daily.)
  • Look for alternatives to the current business models, as sales won’t rush up on gimmicks and discounts alone.
  • (Retail offers don’t sit well in the social world. Fixed op offers are great. Be creative don’t rely on your old retail habits.)
  • Consider the after-sale. I just bought a Camaro SS. Do you doubt that I’m prime for aftermarket and/or related offers? Heck, I couldn’t even find my tripometer reset until this afternoon. I’d be a perfect candidate to build a deeper relationship with, and you’d have a sales funnel extension.
  • (This is where a monthly newsletter come in play.  It’s easy and you have the content if your blogging. Build the relationship!)
  • Equip your buyers with social extenders. People don’t buy cars fast enough for you to build a single relationship. Seek the referral, and the share. Not one local dealership had a Facebook Like button next to each make/model.
  • (This is relationship selling on a scalable platform. Insert social marketing into as many traditional or digital marketing efforts as possible.)
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