Facebook Advice For You And Your Automotive Ad Agency

If you’re  looking for ideas on how to make Facebook more effective  you’ll love the work done here by  the Altimeter Group.

It would be wise to print  this sheet and post it on your wall.  Everyone needs a reminder now and then to keep you pointed in the proper direction.  Call your cheat sheet.

8 Success Criteria for Facebook Page Marketing… By The Altimeter Group.
After pouring over the data from the ecosystem we’re part of, we found a clear pattern. There was a consistent set of criteria we heard from the industries experts, we found the following 8 criteria:
8 Success Criteria for Facebook Page Marketing

Click on the link above and you can get the entire report.

The only problem with the list is it takes time and focus.  You need to recognize this.  You can’t pretend  your way through social media.  If you’re having your automotive ad agency work on this keep a close eye on the activity.  If you don’t have time to make a social media program work or you’re not happy with what you have give me a call that’s what we do.



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